Sign In for Beginner Classes

We offer 2 different beginner classes.
1. For Kids (10-15 Years) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 18h-19:30
2. Adults (Starting at 15+) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18h-19:30
The aim of this classes is:
-To know all safety rules !!
-To be able to shoot 18m with an acceptable shooting technique.
Important Information !
-We are an Archery range, not a playground !
-Sport shoes  (Mandatory)
-T-Shirt (Mandatory)
-A Minimum presence of 75% (Mandatory)
-Arrive at the Venue 10min early (17:50)
-No cellphones during the classes.
-Please infom us in case of absence.
We preserve the right to:
-Exclude Poeple form the class without refound.  (In case of not respecting safety rules)
-Evaluate participants after the 3 months, and decide if they can continue or repeat the classes.
(Be aware we have a long waiting list, repeating a class will not put you on top of the waiting list. Presence and following the instructors advices is the Key !! )